• Why

  • Beauty

    Our big, open, and beamless spaces are lighter, more flexible, and easier to renovate.

  • Wood

    21st century wood products have been engineered to build with less pollution. They are as strong, fire-resistant, and durable as concrete and steel, but with one big difference: wood captures carbon and keeps it out of the atmosphere, the opposite of concrete and steel.

  • Cost

    Wood high-rises can cost up to 40% less than their concrete cousins. And wood is faster. Buildings can be shipped flat and screwed together on site. A ten story building can be put up in 30 days. That means lower interest pay-ments. Many states also offer significant tax deductions for green buildings.

  • Speed

    Our proprietary wood building system includes a trademarked system of columns, floors, joints and cores which can be priced in hours, assembled in weeks, and delivered on time and on budget.

  • Green

    Isn't it time we built with less pollution while reaping the benefits of new green tax subsidies?